Every Night A Child Is Born Is A Holy Night

The minister at my Unitarian-Universalist congregation used to start services on Christmas Eve with the line in the title: every night a child is born is a holy night.

So every night is a holy night. And every child is a holy child.

Whatever you call the animating force of the universe, it lives in us all. It lives in the families we are born into and the families we create.

Birth, with all its terror and hope, is a holy act and being a parent or a child is a holy pursuit.

But if you couldn’t stay, if you fled your family of birth, that flight was holy. If you pulled together a family of choice, person by person, soul by soul, that act of creation is holy.

If you gave birth or attended birth or welcomed a newborn into the world you have been party to something holy.

If you were born into this flawed and sacred world, you are holy.

Holy things happen every night. Welcome to holy world.

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