Billionaires Are Useless

Like my SEO title there? I should get all kinds of hate mail from wannabe-billionaires over that.

In fact, I don’t think all billionaires are useless. I think they should all be more cognizant that they are part of the problem in terms of wealth inequality and they should worry less about paying taxes since they’ll never starve but I don’t believe them to be entirely useless.

But there is one billionaire in particular who is being totally useless on one issue. The issue is impeachment and the billionaires is Tom Steyer.

Remember in 2018 when Tom Steyer was dropping loads of cash on billboards and ads encouraging impeachment? It was his whole thing. Impeach Trump, rah, rah rah.

Well, now we’ve impeached him. The Senate is teetering on the edge of exonerating him without any kind of trial worth the name and where is Tom Steyer?

Running for president and polling at under 3%. Way to stick it to Trump, billionaire bro.

If Tom Steyer wanted to be not useless, he could drop the campaign and hire a grassroots team to push the Senate on impeachment. Hell, he could hire me. I know what we need to do.

Basically, we need to buy lists of registered Dems in states with Republican Senators. We need to write a quick and easy call script (I wrote one yesterday, actually) and hire a company that does grassroots outbound calling to start making calls. The company would call Dems, provide them the script, and then connect them immediately to their Senators so they can ask for a real Senate trial. It’s the kind of thing grassroots groups do regularly, it’s legal, and it’s probably a fuckton cheaper than running for president.

Also? It might work. Unlike Steyer’s presidential bid.

But fuckin’ billionaires are so impressed with their own money piles that they think they deserve to collect trophies. It’s what Trump did in 2016 and look where that got us. With a Twitter addicted dilletante playing president in the Oval Office.

Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg and Andrew Yang and really every billionaire would all be better off learning how to do issue based grassroots work instead of running for office. They’d make a bigger impact that way and actually serve the country they claim to love instead of just masturbating all over it with these vanity campaigns.

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