New Year, New You? Nah. You’re Good Already.

In a few hours it will be 2020 and corporate America would like you to know that you can buy all kind of new things for the new year.

They would very much like you to invest in stuff like gym memberships, meal plans, self-help books that promise a new outlook, and other tools that will allegedly “improve” you.

You do not need to be improved.

Never forget that it is in the best interest of the rich and powerful to keep the rest of us preoccupied with our weight, our self-worth, our sexual appeal to others, and whether or not we fit the mold of Ideal Person. They like us off balance and insecure. They want us to be so busy trying to formulate the exact balance of carbs and exercise to sculpt the perfect buttocks that we forget to overthrow systems of oppression.

This year, resolve to tell the corporate-sponsored patriarchy to fuck the hell off with that shit.

You’re fine. In fact, you’re better than fine, you’re great. Super great. Your body is great. It gets you around every day, it totes your brain, it converts food to energy, it makes sperm and eggs and ideas and expels carbon dioxide that your house plants can enjoy. Don’t change a thing about your body.

Except your hair. You can mess with that all you want. Hair is actually a tool for personal expression so changing that is cool.

As for your self-esteem or your state of mindfulness or your levels of spirituality, that is not a job for corporate America to address. Your mind and heart will probably not be made better by anything you can buy in a store. If you need a therapist or medication to deal with chemical imbalances or past trauma, go do that. But don’t go buying books with titles like “Girl, Don’t Be Sad, Look At My Hair Extensions, Be Like Me, Follow My Instagram For Yoga App Ideas #GlutenIsABlessing.” Those books only help the people who wrote them pay their mortgages. They will not provide you any material benefit.

Go read a murder mystery or sci-fi book instead. Reading should be fun. Or read How To Be An Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi. That book actually will help you be better at life and caring for others.

You rock and you have important things to do this year. Don’t let the stupid-ass patriarchy-industrial complex get in the way of that.

2020, folks. Let’s do it.

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