Support Independent Abortion Clinics

You wouldn’t know it to listen to right-wing media sources, but Planned Parenthood isn’t the only name in reproductive health care. I know FoxNews wants you to think there’s a Planned Parenthood set up on literally every streetcorner in Democratic-leaning areas but that’s not the case. Sure, they have a massive presence and provide health care for millions of people, but they’re not the only service provider out there.

Vice did an article this week about independent abortion providers and the way they have been hurt by changes to federal family planning funding. In the old days, when Mike Pence wasn’t thumping his Bible around the entire executive branch, Title X family planning funds could go to any organization that helped people with – wait for it – family planning. Then ol’ Holier Than Thou convinced his buddy the Pussy Grabber In Chief to change the rules so that any organization that talks about abortion is ineligible for funding.

At least I assume that’s how it went down. I can’t see the guy who cheated on most of his wives and reportedly didn’t use a condom with Stormy Daniels being too upset about easy access to abortion. When clinics are federally funded, he can just send a car to take his mistresses to their appointments. If Roe falls, he might have to arrange for a private plane for them, depending on what state they live in.

Anyway, where was I? Oh right. Clinics losing their funding. Now, the money was already partitioned off so it couldn’t be used directly for abortion services, thanks to the Hyde amendment. Funding can pay for things like overhead costs, medical exams, birth control, and what have you but not abortions. But that’s never been good enough for the far right. They want to yank all funding to anyone who even mentions abortion, not just clinics that actually perform them. That means clinics that don’t provide abortions themselves but refer out to other providers are affected.

Now, if you’re a major name with a giant donor base like Planned Parenthood, you can weather this storm. If you’re a tiny clinic that operates in someplace like Baltimore and no one outside the city has heard of you? Ooof. Quitting abortion services isn’t an option. That’s critical to mission. But finding money to make up for the Title X changes is a problem. A big one.

The good news is that a President Any Democrat At All could reverse the rule as soon as 2021. The bad news is that 2021 is a long time away in terms of non-profit budgeting. That’s where we come in. If you have money to donate, think about donating to independent abortion providers. Here’s one list of them for easy reference. You can also check out the Handbook for a Post Roe America site for other abortion-related service providers. Supporting them keeps the doors open and the lights on. If you can help, please do.

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