Jillian Michaels Sucks

Jillian Michaels spent much of yesterday fat-shaming Lizzo trying to sell you her brand of fitness stuff.

What’s that? You thought she was really talking about Lizzo? I gues she kinda was but mostly Lizzo was a stand-in for you and me and all of our insecurities.

I’m not sure how Michaels got on her “Lizzo isn’t the right body shape” tear but she was really committed to the idea that we should be mad at Lizzo for being both an awesome musician and having a body. Not just a body. A body that is refusing to buy what Michaels is selling.

Lizzo is out there making her music, doing her shows, thrilling her fans, and not spending a penny on the fitness-industrial complex that provides Michaels with her paycheck every week. And that scares Michaels because if Lizzo won’t spend money on fitness? Maybe you won’t either. And if no one buys her stuff, what will she do for a living?

Can’t have Jillian Michaels going out of business, now, can we?

Your body belongs to you. It’s all yours. What you do with it is up to you. How you feel about it is up to you.

If it definitely not up to Jillian Michaels, whose entire livelihood rests on you feeling bad about your body. She’s just one of myriad people and industries who depend on the insecurity of millions of people, particularly women. The day we all take back control of our feelings about our bodies is the day Michaels and every other celebrity trainer with a line of protein shakes to sell goes broke.

I know that learning to feel good in your own skin requires years of unlearning everything we have been taught about ourselves and our bodies – and it’s not like I’m really doing a great job of it myself – but maybe the first step is realizing that a lot of the people telling us our bodies are wrong are also people who will directly profit from us trying to change those self same bodies.

When it comes to fat-shaming kerfuffles like what Jillian Michaels did yesterday to get herself back in the public consciousness, there’s really only one way to respond: put in your headphones, turn up some Lizzo, and continue on with your day.

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