The Republicans Like Trump

By DonkeyHotey – The Terrible Trio, CC BY-SA 2.0,

I’ve been thirstily consuming all the spilled tea coming from Lev Parnas this week. It’s been truly delightful to listen to that guy as he throws every high profile Republican under the bus as he makes his way to prison for illegal campaign contributions. He’s clearly a total dirtbag with no innate loyalties to anyone in Republican politics. He will light everything on fire now that he’s going down.

He’s the only one, though.

The establishment within the Republican party is all just continuing with this group charade that they don’t know him, that they had no idea Giuliani was traipsing around doing underground foreign policy deals, that the President isn’t a third-rate mobster wannabe. They have agreed to ignore all of that because they are all getting exactly what they – the whole Republican party – wants.

With Trump in the White House and McConnell helming the Senate, they can deregulate businesses, install pro-business judges in all the federal courts, and build on changes to the tax laws to benefit businesses. That’s it. That’s they whole goal. Make the rich, richer.

“But, Rebekah,” you’re saying. “What about the intersectional feminist concerns about the actions at the border? The dismantling of Obamacare? Taking a hacksaw to reproductive rights?”

More gifts to big businesses! Warehousing immigrants in concentration camps is a boom industry, folks! Wanna know who’s running those baby-cage facilities? Corrections Corporation of America. Fat government contracts to prisons for profit!

Who wants insurance deregulated? Insurance companies! Who wants to cherry-pick who can have insurance like in the good old pre-ACA days? Insurance companies! Who doesn’t want to pay for employee benefits? Big businesses! They don’t care if you live or die and neither does anyone in the GOP! Wheeeee!

Big business doesn’t win much through forced-birth policies but that’s the one social issues that guys like Pence care about. They’ve been promising to protect fetuses for 47 years and now they’re in a position to deliver. That’s the core of Republican domestic policy. If you have the temerity to fuck for fun, you better believe you will have to suffer like Eve herself in childbirth later.

Do some of the old guard wish Trump were more polite and a little better at covering his criminal tracks? Maybe, but I kind of doubt it. While he distracts the media with his Twitter account, Congressional leaders are making sure the NRA is still happy, carbon emitters are emitting freely, and the education system remains just as unequal as it ever was.

Honestly, I think they kind of like the status quo.

So, don’t expect these latest revelations about what kind of a slimeball Trump is to change anything. The Republican Party knows and they don’t care.

He’s a slimeball, but he’s their slimeball and they’re going to keep him.

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