We The People Dissent

The United States Senate voted to cut short the trial of Donald J. Trump on charges of obstruction of Congress and abuse of power. This move clears the way for a final vote on acquittal. Then the current impeachment will be over and the president will, forever and always, be the guy who got off on a technicality.

That technicality has a name. Actually, a bunch of names. Fifty-one of them to be exact.

Now, this suuuuuuucks. Not only does it mean Trump will get to strut around like a drunken duck, quacking about his exoneration, but it also sets some very shady legal precedent that I will let some lawyer explain later. In the meantime, we have tonight to get up in our feelings about the fifty-one people who would rather let a criminal off on a technicality then face the criminal’s goon squad of obsessed fans back home.

I mean, really. They’re afraid of people in MAGA hats swarming their twitter accounts. Twitter is optional, folks, Delete your account and you won’t get trolled. Boom. Fixed.

Annnnnyyyyway. We get tonight to get into our feelings and then? Tomorrow we begin the dissent. Pull up your dissent socks and get to your dissent work.

Like to write? Send some letters to the editor about the way you dissent.

Got an artistic bent? Make some dissent yard signs for your house.

Into direct dissent action like registering people to vote in cRitical electoral states? GET ON A BUS TO THOSE STATES, BABY! DISSENT AT THE BALLOT BOX IS THE BEST DISSENT!

We were never going to get un-Trumped through regular order in the Senate. Those people are lost to us. We cannot count on them to serve any interest but their own. The good news in there are only about 51 of them in the way of progress.

The bad news is that every single one of us will have to work our asses off for the next 9 months to make our dissent heard.

But we can do that. The abolitionists did it. The suffragettes did it. The Civil Rights movement did it. The LGBTQ Rights movement is still doing it. They had it way harder than we do now (well, those of us who are white now, at least. Others have a bigger hill to climb). If they could do it, so could we.

Dissent is patriotic. Let’s dissent the fuck out of this year until we finally overcome precedent and make our voices heard.

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