Voter Enthusiasm Is About Voters Not Candidates

Here we are now, 2020 candidates. Entertain us.

If my generation has a motto it’s probably “Oh well, whatever, never mind.” This is a great attitude to take during down times. We can look disappointment in the face, sigh and trudge onward to expect less next time.

It’s a terrible attitude for generating enthusiasm.

I’ve heard a lot of people I know come at this election with questions about whether or not the candidates can excite the voters. There’s the prevailing opinion that none of the candidates really have that capacity. But I’m starting to suspect that voter might be the problem.

Like, when is the last time you got super excited about anything? When did you feel so stoked about something that you ran around telling all your friends about it and told them to try it, too?

And if you have done that in recent memory, was it about a coffee-based blended beverage? It was, wasn’t it? We’re better about stumping for frappucino than for progressive causes.

The problem might be us. It’s not that the candidates are not exciting. It’s that we suck at getting excited. And our attitude is infectious.

Creeping disaffected ennui.

We all need to drop the idea that excitement generates from the top of the ticket and start generating buzz from the grassroots level. We need to take over the job of spreading excitement about our candidates of choice. Buy the swag! Wear the t-shirts! Share the video clips! Say stuff like “OMG did you hear about the awesome thing my candidate said?”

Stop expecting the candidates to do all the work of motivating an electorate. Instead, be a motivated voter who, in turn, motivates others.

I know this is the third thing I’ve written this week where I’ve yammered on about grassroots effort in politics. But I only do that because GRASSROOTS ARE REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT IN POLITICS! Government by the people! We are the people! We have to work at it!

Victory in 2020 is going to take a huge surge of motivated voters. It’s time we all got ready to be the motivation.

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