Don’t Say Biden Has Dementia or Why Ableism Is An Intersectional Feminist Issue

OK, folks, pull up a chair and settle down because I need to rant for a minute. And I need to rant about my fellow Democrats, so you know this is going to be good.

Lately, I have been seeing people speculating that former Vice President Joe Biden has the early signs of dementia because of his frequent verbal stumbles. Now, when I hear this from Trump supporters I roll my eyes and move on. That basket of deplorables can’t be reasoned with.

But when Democrats start doing it, it’s time to HOLD ALL THE FUCKING HORSES.

For one thing, unless you are an expert in gerontology or psychiatry and have personally evaluated a person, YOU MAY NOT DIAGNOSE THEM WITH ANY-FUCKING-THING. So, just cut that shit out.

For another thing, we know for a fact that Joe Biden has a congenital stutter. A stutter brings with it numerous communication problems, including the kind of flubs we’ve all come to expect from Biden. They are not an indication of anything related to his mental acuity.

Therefore…THEREFORE, I SAY…when you try and interpret his mis-spoken sentences as evidence of an intellectual deficiency YOU ARE BEING AN ABLEIST TWATWAFFLE.

Back in the bad old days, everyone assumed everyone with any kind of disability had subnormal intelligence. People with disabilities were denied educational and career opportunities and were pushed to the fringes of society. It was a truly foul form of discrimination.

We know better now. Physical disabilities, hearing and vision loss, speech impediments, neuro-divergence, all of these things are usually unrelated to native intelligence or intellectual abilities. Anyone suggesting otherwise is carrying an outdated attitude and needs to be reeducated.

Hell, this is why I don’t even get on Trump’s case about some of his errors; I have long suspected that some of his difficulty in speaking is poor vision and hearing. If you can’t see the teleprompter, you’ll screw up the speech. If you can’t hear the reporters yelling at you, you’ll miss the question. It’s not stupidity, it’s age related sensory issues. And intersectional feminists do not tolerate discrimination against people with disabilities.

Even people like Trump. Discriminate against his ass at the polls because of his policies. Leave his possible physical disabilities out of it.

So, going forward, we’re just gonna stop looking at one known disability, like stuttering, and assuming that it somehow means there is a concurrent intellectual deficiency, like dementia.

That’s ableist nonsense and we are better than that.

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