Ahmaud Arbery

LeBron James said it. White men hunt black people. It’s been going on for 400 years. We used to call it the slave trade. Then we called it the KKK. Now it’s gun culture doing the hunting.

I have said before that if you own guns for “self defense” that is really code for hunting people. You carry your gun, waiting for a person to do the thing that identifies them to you as your prey.

You say all you are doing is being prepared to address a threat but I don’t believe you. I believe you are HOPING a person will make a gesture that you can pretend is a threat so you can live out your sick lifelong dream of killing a person and calling yourself a hero for doing it.

For these two men in Georgia, the simple act of being a black man in the space they considered their own identified Ahmaud Arbrey as prey and they hunted him accordingly.

American racism and gun culture are indelibly intertwined. They both kill without remorse. Ahmaud Arbery is just the latest victim.

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