What To Do About The Texas Abortion Ban

Real talk, folks. I’m seeing some well-intentioned reactions to the Texas abortion ban. Boycotts of Texas businesses, spamming the reporting system, hoping Nancy Pelosi can codify Roe v. Wade.

None of that will do jack shit.

The law is the law. The Texas legislature is out of session so they’re not changing any laws. Even if they were working, no lawmaker in Texas will submit a repeal. The leadership wouldn’t bring it for a vote if they did. This is happening and the only thing that will stop is eventual judicial review. Your FB group or Twitter hashtag aren’t going to help anyone get an abortion in TX

If you want to do something productive on the issue of reproductive justice, here’s what I would recommend:

1. Donate to abortion funds in states that border Texas. That’s where people will go for care. The abortion funds offer financial and logistical assistance.

2. Donate to organizations that provide abortion medications by mail. Plan C and AidAccess are two orgs that you can support.

3. Donate to legal defense funds for clinics and doctors in Texas who may find themselves battling lawsuits. The new law allows anyone to sue a provider who may have performed an abortion after 6 weeks. There is real potential for frivolous lawsuits designed to drain clinic resources. Those clinics provide other health services and they will need help to stay open.

4. Donate to entities that file suit to have the law overturned. As I understand it, the process for getting the law in front of a judge is going to be complicated and expensive. Groups like the ACLU will probably be involved. They’ll need funds.

5. WATCH YOUR OWN STATE LEGISLATURE LIKE A HAWK. I can’t emphasize this enough. Other states will try to pass copycat laws. If you don’t want this to spread like a fungus across the nation, you have to block it your home state before it happens.

6. Talk about contraception. Just flood the zone with contraception information. Make contraception the most popular topic on twitter. Post TikToks about contraception. Be a contraception evangelist. If we reduce the number of crisis pregnancies, we reduce the need for abortion.

7. Trust BIPOC women when they tell you what works in their communities. Donate to whatever they say your should donate to.

Sorry if my list is not as clever as writing a bot to take down a right to life website. However, these are the things that will help people get care. That’s more important than getting revenge.

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