What About The Election? A Call To Advocacy Action

So, this is the moment where we should be freaking the fuck out about our democracy. Not about primaries being postponed, so much, because as I explained before, primaries are not elections.

BUT! Everything about our voting infrastructure is an odds with the health and safety rules being imposed on us in this pandemic situation.

Every single one of us needs to send a Howler to all relevant state authorities (Attorney General, Governor, Secretary of State, Legislature) telling them that we need to revise our election rules RIGHT THIS FUCKING MINUTE.

We cannot count on having an in-person election so every single state needs to prepare to distribute and collect ballots by mail. This is not optional. If we don’t ask for this, Republican governors will be all too happy to stick their thumbs up their asses and coronate Trump as dictator for life.

There is absolutely no reason states can’t do this in the remaining months we have before the election. They can get ballots printed and mailed to voters in that time frame. All it will cost is money and democracy is priceless so money should be no issue.

If anyone tells you it’s an issue, cough at them and let them wonder if you have coronavirus.

OK, don’t but it would be satisfying.

Oregon has vote by mail and I’m pretty sure they would happily explain how they do it. The other states could learn from them in a very short time frame.

Oregon also has exceptionally high voter participation, which, again, Republicans won’t like but screw them and their centuries-long battle to limit suffrage.

Anway, here is sample lanugage to send to state leaders about this:

“I [name] of [address] am very concerned about the November election. It is critical to me that you set up a contingency plan to allow for voting that doesn’t require in-person site. Please explore mailing ballots to all registered voters and accepting ballots by mail or at drop-boxes. Systems like this are already in place in states like Oregon and it is crucial that we move in that direction before November. Postponing the election is not an acceptable response.”

It doesn’t many emails or calls for state government officials to take notice so every person counts in advocacy like this. Get to it.

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